Backgammon and Windows

Backgammon and Windows

Backgammon players who are using windows on their computer should be more familiarized with Expert Backgammon, Gnu Backgammon for Windows, Jellyfish, and MaxGammon. Why? Because these are backgammon programs especially designed for windows.

Expert Backgammon is different from the others since it gives an alternative to players. Its creator, Larry Parnes, wanted to offer not only the common backgammon game that players are so fond of playing, but also another backgammon variant, which is Acey Deucey.

This is perfect for players who want to try something new, and is also great for gambling players who are already into Acey Deucey. As of present, there are not many programs available on this backgammon variant, so Expert Backgammon is really heaven-sent to backgammon players.

Another program that gives players more options is Maxgammon. In this creation of Alex Saenko, players may choose to play with another person, with the computer or with a bunch of people on the Internet. Additionally, players may also pick from the different stages of computer's ability to fight with. The higher the stage, the more difficult it is to beat the computer. This is good for backgammon players because it presents more of a challenge. Players may also customize the rules they would be playing with, and adjust them to their preference.

The highlight of Maxgammon lies in its appearance. Unlike the others, the graphics here are in three dimensional form, making the game look more realistic. As if that were not enough, Alex Saenko allows players to choose from a variety of skins, so that the game would be more personalized.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more intelligent, then Gnu Backgammon for Windows, or the Jellyfish would be just right for you. Gnu Backgammon for Windows boasts its capacity to analyze matches that were played by players either with other people on the Internet or with the program itself. This is good for players who take backgammon seriously since it will give incredible insights to the players' techniques.

Jellyfish can also analyze the gambling players' matches, but the true beauty of it does not rely on this. Jellyfish is excellent for players who want to learn because it is one of the toughest electronic backgammon opponents available today. Players will really need to focus and improve their abilities to win against Jellyfish, which is just perfect for the more advanced players looking for a good challenge.


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