Backgammon is More than Just a Game

Backgammon is More than Just a Game

If you want to learn how to play the gambling game backgammon, go and buy guidebooks about the game. However, if you are looking for other information regarding backgammon, here are some relatively short ones which are also vital to your career as a backgammon player.

Early Game - this is the gambling players' slang for the first few stages of the match. In this part, gambling players are just warming up, and may be they have yet to decide on a concrete strategy. This may also be the part where the gambling player is sizing up his opponent and see what kind of player he is.

FIBS - this is the acronym for the First Internet Backgammon Server, which is the first place on the internet where gambling players may meet and discuss and enjoy their favorite gambling game, which is backgammon.

FIBS Rating - this is where the gambling players of backgammon base their performance in FIBS. Sort of a record of losses and wins, only better since the points depend not only on the wins and losses, but they vary on who is playing against who.

Finalist - this is the backgammon player who made it to the finals round of a backgammon tournament. He or she must be good to be able to mostly win in the eliminations round.

Finals - this is the round all backgammon tournament players hope to get into. This is because this is the last round in which they must win to be hailed the best among the rest.

Fischer Clock - this another type of clock used in backgammon, although not all of the time by the gambling players. Some players prefer this over the analog clock, because it puts additional time after the player finished his move. However, other still prefer the digital clock, because of time delay.

Fish - if you are a gambling player who's into backgammon, never allow to be called as fish because it's an insult. It means that you are not a good gambling player, and they perceive you as someone who they can take money away from easily. To prove them wrong, you must show those other gambling players that you are good by beating them in a game of backgammon.

Game Plan - this is the gambling player's line of attack in the game of backgammon. There are different approaches to winning a backgammon game, it's up to the gambling player which one he wishes to use.


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