Frequently Asked Questions About Backgammon

Frequently Asked Questions About Backgammon

1. What is backgammon?

Backgammon is a fast-paced kind of game; it is won by applying strategy to the game. Backgammon has two sets of checkers with 15 each, one a light color and the other one is a dark color. The checkers movements are generated by the dice.

2. How do players begin to play backgammon?

Both players need to roll the die. Rolling the die will identify which player goes first. The player who gets the highest number will start the game, however, if both players get the same number they will repeat the procedure until one player gets the first chance to move.

3. What is considered a valid roll?

A valid roll is a roll made by players inside the board. The dice must roll a fair roll to ensure that the game is fair to both players. However, no dice must rest outside the playing surface alone.

4. What is the proper movement of checkers in the game?

All checkers must move forward and never backwards. The player will consider the spaces that his or her checker must occupy according to the number that the dice has generated.

A player can move only one checker with the sum from the dice, or he or she can move two checkers one from each die.

5. What will occur if you happen to land on your opponent's board?

Your checker will be hit if you rest on your opponent's board. After your checker had been hit by your opponent your checker will be called a blot and will be put on the bar. Your checker that has been captured will remain there until a required number came out from the dice.

6. How will the winner be determined?

The winner will be the first one to bear off his or her entire checkers from the board. This means that all his or her 15 checkers have benn safely beared off.

7. How will the player know that it is his or her turn to move the checkers?

A signal will be cast upon for the player that will roll the dice and to move his or her checkers. After the player has lifted the dice he or she cannot change his mind.

8. Is there a "touch move" rule in backgammon?

No, this is not an official rule in backgammon unlike in chess. However, touch move can be applied to the dice. Holding the dice will mean that he or she should continue rolling it. But the player can touch the checkers even if they change their mind in moving a specific checker.


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