How Backgammon Tournaments are Organized

How Backgammon Tournaments are Organized

From being the private board game of a chosen few in the early 1920s, the explosion of Backgammon tournaments have made it available to everyone. For those inclined to play, an idea of how a typical tourney is structured will be essential.

Most, if not all Backgammon tournaments today follow the setup of other sports like billiards and tennis, in that they utilize brackets, and just like in some sports, "seeded" or high ranked competitors are provided byes in the first few rounds. However this is not always the case, especially online. Given the huge interest, it is also worth noting that brackets of up 200 players is not uncommon.

Winners of matches are determined by the Backgammon player that reaches a predetermined number of points. That is to say, a best of 5 affair means the first to make 3 pts will advance and the loser eliminated. However there are some tourneys that use the double elimination format, wherein a loser is given another chance to advance by competing against another player (usually another player that lost his/her initial match).

Other variations in double elimination Backgammon tournaments is that the player that emerges from the winners' group (who does not have a defeat, following the structure of tennis plays) will have a twice to beat advantage over the winner of the losers' group. In single elimination format, this rule does not apply.

To help run and organize games more effectively, tournament directors have also taken to imposing time limits in all matches. This innovation has led to more intense game play.

Another popular format used in Backgammon tournaments is that of the round robin. Basically what happens here is that each person plays a short match against every other entry. The one with the most points is declared the winner. This type of game, naturally, tends to be most efficient in a small field.

Part of any Backgammon player's preparation must involve being cognizant of the tournament format and other regulations. The abovementioned rules are general in nature, and before joining, make sure that you are fully aware of all the details and instructions.

When you compete in a Backgammon tournament, it is vital that you respect the policies and rules of the organization. There will be times when a dispute may arise, so make certain that you study the rules first, so you know where to turn to. At the same time, learn to respect the decision that will be rendered.


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