Begin Your Backgammon Career

Begin Your Backgammon Career

Books are among the first things people consult when they want to learn new things. Take gambling players for example. When players want to learn a new gambling game, most of them go ahead to the nearest bookstore and buy an instructional book for themselves.

Below are some books used by gambling players who are just beginners in backgammon:

Backgammon in a Week

The title of the book sure is enticing. Who wouldn't be attracted to the idea of learning a new gambling game in just short while? Although this gambling book does not really contain a seven-day program on learning backgammon, it sure does make the learning experience easier.

The basics of the game are laid out here in simple language so that the novice gambling players could easily understand them, unlike other backgammon books which are very complicated. The strategies given here were designed to educate the gambling players who are just starting out. This is why this book is not very helpful to more advanced gambling players.

Backgammon: Winning Strategies

This is a beginner's book with a twist. Aside from the usual strategies given in other instructional books, this also gives gambling players up to date information about the world of backgammon. An example is the analysis of the difference in backgammon strategies between a computer and a human being.

This reading material really covers a wide range of backgammon topics. From backgammon techniques of gambling players to the reasons why some gambling players lose. Unlike other books, this one does not emphasize the importance of cube handling. This is what experts believe to be the flaw of the book. Other gambling experts consider cube handling to be one of the most essential elements in backgammon, that is why more attention must be given to that aspect. Overall, this is still worth buying especially to those who are tired of same old backgammon information supplied by many authors.

Beginning Backgammon

The purpose of this book couldn't be any more obvious, basing on its given title. This backgammon book designed for amateur gambling players discusses rules, beginner strategies, tips and styles. Why should gambling players buy this book? It was written by a champion backgammon expert, so gambling players can be sure that the author knows what he is talking about.

The manner by which this book was written is very unique. There are five sample backgammon games which were analyzed by the author play-by play. This technique can be very much appreciated by players out there, since it makes visualization easier for them. As a whole, this book is both informative and very creative.


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